How I sea things

Enjoying the service of a certain airline.

Jan 282015


Heading back to Germany.

You might not be aware of the fact that I have been in London for the last one and a half days. Of course you are not aware, I haven't told you yet. so what have I done there.
I was not visiting the Tower of London. I worked.
Right now I'm enjoying the service of a certain Airline wich is "delighted to have me on board" tonight. Being here with me is a bunch of Business Travellers and a quite large number of Tourist.
But why I'm telling you all this?
We do have a Scottish Captain. Is this a reason to be scared? Who knows? But it's definetely huge fun to listen to him.
I always get funny looks when I'm telling my German fellows that I really envy the Brits as they are still proud of talking acents. Something that you not see to often in Germany where everybody tries to speak "Hochdeutsch"
Coming back to our flight: we are starting our descent know. So I hope that I will make it on time to my Bus home. I will try to upload this meaningless post tonight.
Since this blog is not supossed to stay meaningless all the time I'm planning to Post some Pictures in the near future and I will also try to upload some relevant content.
Stay tuned.


Und alle so... Yeah!