How I sea things

Back in Edmonton

Mai 212018

So we made it finally back  to Edmonton where my brohter in law is living. After a most exciting trip. We were at the Rockies, we visited the Alberta badlands and we saw a lot of lakes. The last one was Buffalo lake just east of Red Deer. There we met lot of birds.undefined

And a lot of moskitos. The nearly ate me up.

And please do not believe the commercials of the insect repallant companies. They don't work.


Yesterday the mountains, today the moon

Mai 162018

Today we travelled from the mountains to the moon.

We started in Banff this morning and went to Dinosaur provincial park in the Alberta Badlands.


Fortunately the moon has Wi-Fi here.

This is the seond time we are visiting this site and again I realize that being in Western Canada only to see the Rockies is nice but you will miss a whole lot if you don't go and also see the part east of the Mountains.


A day with hickups

Mai 142018

I guess this has to happen someday....

So after having a lot of very beautiful days without any adverse events, we had some less than great experiences yesterday. We stayed at a nice place again: Blanket Creek PP (yet another lake), however the PP was really not as outstanding as deacdescr in the catalogue. Bad marketing.

But nice spot:


And then we realized that the furnace of the RV was not working. Thanks' to whoever is in charge for this we were not yet in the Rockies again but at a place where it got not that cold in the night. Anyway we all had cold feet this morning.

Tonight Banff. With heating. And a lot of company .


Tomorrow Banff again. 

Lake Revelstoke

Mai 122018

We were at Martha Creek Provincial Park recently. A terribly beautiful place on lake Revelstoke. 


It was really nice there. I will post more pictures of this location after we have returned home. 


Mai 092018

One of the biggest events in the Rockies is when you see a bear. We saw two of them today. And even two different ones. I would be able to tell you what kind of bears they were when I get home. However please leave a comment in case you know better than I do.

Introducing morning bear number one:


And last but not least morning bear number two:



Und alle so... Yeah!